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Josh Taylor is the photographer behind SWC Fotos, based in Montgomery, Texas. While his roots may be firmly planted in the Lone Star State, his lens knows no bounds as he travels the country in search of captivating moments to capture. With a passion for photography that spans nearly 3 decades, Josh brings a unique perspective and an unwavering dedication to his craft to every shoot.


With his down-to-earth personality and genuine enthusiasm for storytelling through photography, Josh is committed to creating images that inspire and resonate with viewers across the world.

Texas Raider B-17 Left Side Inner Engine-2_edited.jpg
Falcon 5.jpg


We recognise the importance of having beautiful images to print and put on your wall. Check out our portfolio!


Our Ethos

At the heart of our craft lies a dedication to storytelling through the lens. Specializing in capturing the essence of dogs, historic aircraft, classic cars, and wildlife, we're more at home behind the camera than anywhere else (trust us, we've tried to pose, but it's just not our thing!). Authenticity is our guiding principle, ensuring that each subject we photograph shines with its unique character and story. With creativity as our compass, we navigate the vast landscapes of visual storytelling, constantly seeking new angles, perspectives, and lighting to bring our narratives to life. So, while we may prefer to stay out of the spotlight, our images speak volumes about the wonders of the world around us, inviting viewers to embark on their own visual adventures with every frame.

Maverick 5_edited.jpg
Texas Raiders B-17 2.jpg

Through the Lens: Last Flight; A Photographer's Final Encounter with the Texas Raider B-17

"with its proud wingspan and weathered exterior"


Through the Lens: An Adventure at the Houston Texas Zoo

"With its regal posture and strikingly vibrant plumage"

Falcon 4.jpg

Through the Lens: The Tail of the Hunt

"led the way with a stoic determination"

Car #1.jpg

Through the Lens: Classic cars and hot rods in Old Town Spring

"The rumble of engines echoed in the distance"

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